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settings->Web API settings

Get the verification code eg : c4c02052016c3ea0d339433cfd41f882d91df6fe  And return at the time of validating the call back URL 

You are Done :)

The Keywords you will receive via POST from our server as below . 


Android OS version ( Eg: 4.4.2 )

app_id Application's Unique ID that you have created.
Cognalys will create a unique APP USER ID for App user . 
You will be able to fetch a particular user INFO by passing this parameter


Country of the app user ( eg : India)
mcc Mobile Country Code ( eg : 404 )
points This will be the Verified Geographical coordinates ( eg :  [ 27.175015,78.042155] or null )
of the App USER when He/She Use the verification process.
model_number Device model number ( EG : P2 )
mobile_brand Device brand name ( eg : Gionee)
mobile Verified Mobile number of the APP user ( eg : +918xxx903xxx ) 
 gmail  Gmail id of the APP User
type                                            'OTP' or 'NORMAL' , if its OTP you will get only ( mobile , created_on ,updated_on, app_user_id  )     

created_on this is the registered date time (UTC) of the user
updated_on verified user is unique , to avoid duplication we update the date time to  updated_on field on each verification

Each post you'll get the token ( REAL_TIME_TOKEN from settings->Web API settings ) which you can check its not an SPAM from other servers . 

All date time ( created_on ,updated_on )  from our service will be in UTC format :